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Article What do I set my domains name servers to?
Name servers are listed in your welcome email. If you have lost your welcome email you can contact us for your server's DNS information.
Views: 278
Article Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do have an affiliate program. Create an account at and you may retrieve links for our products...
Views: 276
Article Can I view my site even though my domain's name servers haven't propagated yet?
Yes http://yourIPhere/~yourusernamehere/ Your IP is located in your welcome email. Please also don't forget the ~ or the trailing /
Views: 260
Article Where can I view what DNS my site is currently using?
If would like to know where you can check what DNS your site is currently using and/or to whom the domain is registered, simply do the following:...
Views: 253
Article When will my domain start working?
It usually takes 24-48 hours for a domain to fully replicate changes, additions, or deletions across all name servers. For you to see the effects,...
Views: 248

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